Whale Season Has Arrived Once Again in Puerto Vallarta

December 20, 2018
Posted by: Adeprotur

Every year between roughly December 8th through March 23rd, Puerto Vallarta is blessed with the presence of magnificent creatures out in the Bay that create truly unique sighting opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

Extending between 12 and 19 meters, the Banderas Bay’s migrant humpback whale visitors provide unforgettable spectacles during these winter months. The whales leave the Arctic to travel to warmer southern waters to mate and give birth to their young. If you’ve ever seen a mother humpback swimming along with her calf or teaching it how to breach, then you’ll understand the full extent of the beauty of whale watching in Puerto Vallarta.

The Bay is home to many fantastic whale watching tours. However, it is very important to do a background check on the company you’re looking to tour with in order to be sure that they are aware of how to safely navigate around the whales so as to not to disturb them. If you’re looking for a company with proper certification, be sure to verify that they have an official permit from Semarnat, Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

If you’re planning to visit your timeshare in Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit between December and March, be sure to looking to booking an unforgettable whale watching experience with a certified tour company.

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