Charro International Championship: A Historical Mexican Sport

January 21, 2019
Posted by: Adeprotur

If you’re visiting your timeshare in Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit this winter, a unique opportunity to experience one of the most important sports in Mexican culture is right around the corner. Charrería is often referred to as Mexico’s national sport, and dates back to the Spanish Conquest. This year from Wednesday, January 30th to Sunday, February 3rd, you’ll have the  opportunity to witness the 8th annual Charro International Championship at Arena Vallarta.

Although the word Charro loosely translates to the word “cowboy”, in reality they are so much more. Charrería blends the best of rodeo and dressage to create an exciting spectacle that is sure to have you gasping in delight. Plus, you’ll get an opportunity to see the Escaramuzas, a group of women on horseback who have their horses dance to a choreographed routine, often while performing dangerous stunts.

Charrería is a favorite sport for locals and visitors alike in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of Mexico. Learn about some of the history and culture of Mexico while marveling in extraordinary talent and beautiful costumes. General entrance tickets are $10USD on Thursday and Friday, and $15USD on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday not only is the day of the grand finale, but at 8:30 there is a beautiful awards ceremony and even a car raffle. For more information on the event or to purchase tickets please visit the Arena Vallarta website.

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