Jalisco’s Best Unkept Secret: Raicilla

March 27, 2019
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We’re sure that by now you’ve heard of Tequila’s smokier cousin, Mezcal; as the spirit has become a very popular component in mixology and high-end cocktails over the last few years. However, have you heard of their even wilder cousin: Raicilla?

Raicilla is distilled from the fermented juices of the agave, or maguey plant. Not only do all agave distillates originate from Jalisco, but much of the state’s Raicilla is produced in the southwestern portion of Jalisco; very near Puerto Vallarta.

There are two different types of Raicilla: Coastal Raicilla and Highlander, or Mountain, Raicilla. Both offer their drinker distinct flavor profiles. Coastal Raicilla, along with the smokiness of roasted agave, offers notes of tropical fruits and white pepper. Whereas Highlander Raicilla offers more citric and wood tones, with earthy, herbal notes. 

Raicilla, often previously referred to as ‘Mezcal Moonshine’, has been popular in the region since the 16th century. It was first distilled in the 17th century after becoming a popular beverage for the miners working in the Sierra Madre mountain colonies.

Keen to try some of this delicious agave spirit? We thought so. Next time you’re enjoying a vacation at your timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, remember to ask your local bartender to give you a taste. Remember though, Raicilla is meant to be sipped - breath out through your mouth after swallowing for the full flavor experience!

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