Puerto Vallarta strengthens its relationship with more than 2000 advisors

May 25, 2020
Posted by: Adeprotur

The Public Trust for the Promotion and Tourist Advertising of Puerto Vallarta is reinforcing its commercial relationship with its main partners during the days of quarantine in order to keep them updated on the status of the destination, measures implemented, reopening expectations and the news that will receive the visitors in an upcoming revival of activities.

 A total of 60 trainings have been scheduled, covering the leisure and meeting tourism segments of the main markets; With them, different regions of the country have been covered -particularly the Bajío area- which will be an important pole of detonation of the trips due to its propensity for road trips.

 Additionally, at the international level, activities have been covered with various partners from the United States and Canada. For Latin America, the seminars have been with wholesalers from Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile and Paraguay. Finally, Europe it will be through a consortium.

 Undoubtedly, during the days of quarantine the social network factor and online training have played a very important role in strengthening the image and brand of the destination, therefore, until May 15, the training of 2,819 professionals had been registered and the closing expectation is to exceed 3,500 by the end of June.


 These trainings have fostered the empathy of the destination towards our strategic partners during these difficult times, to offer them first-hand the situation of the tourism sector, the measures implemented by local and federal authorities, the status of the hotel industry, the progress of the next protocols of operation and the offers that the destination will be offering to reactivate the economy.

 The destination has appreciated the support, loyalty and faithfulness of the partners at all times, hoping once we are in the new normality they will continue to have confidence in sales because they know that Puerto Vallarta has always been a safe and friendly destination for all its visitors.

 Once the Phase 0 protocols for the economic reactivation of Jalisco are fulfilled, as announced by Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, the Trust will reactivate its promotional activities in the main strategic markets that will have a speedy recovery.

 Stay at home! So we can welcome you soon in Puerto Vallarta.

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