Puerto Vallarta enjoyed the trust of North Americans for the celebration of Thanksgiving

December 14, 2020
Posted by: Adeprotur

The preventive measures of the Covid-19 adopted in Puerto Vallarta generate confidence in its main tourist markets , and are motivating travelers to go out and enjoy a few days in this paradise that they long for.

A few days ago Puerto Vallarta appeared in the top-three of travel preferences in the United States, which was reflected in an increase in air operations in this beach destination on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day celebration this Thursday November 26.

Specifically, there are 19 additional flights in the week of November 23 to 29 to meet the demand for the Thanksgiving holiday.


The destinations that increased flights to Puerto Vallarta were: Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Houston and Denver. And the airlines that increased flights: American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Southwest, United and Sun Country.
On the weekend of Friday 20 to Sunday 22 November, 108 flights arrived from the United States.
There were 5 daily from Houston; Los Angeles 5, Phoenix 4; from Chicago 3; from Dallas 3 ; from San Francisco 3; from Seattle 2; from Salt Lake City 2; from Denver 2; from Minneapolis 2; and one from each of these cities: Atlanta, Newark, San Jose, Portland, San Diego.
And the last weekend of NovemberFrom Friday 27 to Monday 30, there will be 115 flights from the American Union, with the increase in frequencies.
In this context, United Airlines confirmed the increase in flights on its route from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta from seven to 10 weekly frequencies , as proof of the notable increase in demand from North American travelers from California, the main market in the American Union.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico reported that Puerto Vallarta has received 289,100 passengers by air from June to October, after the reopening in the destination of most of the activities offered to its visitors, such as the beaches and public areas of the hotels.
The same source reported that from June to October the number of flights -national and international- has not stopped growing , going from 322 in June to 1,006 in October, and for November it is expected to close with 1,323 frequencies.


The trust that Puerto Vallarta generates among potential travelers has solid foundations, since Jalisco continues to be a leading state at the national level in the management of Covid-19 cases , according to the results of a University study from Guadalajara.

The general rector of the UdeG, Ricardo Villanueva Lomelí, highlighted the contention that Puerto Vallarta had in particular, where the curve has had a significant decrease. "You can see how in Jalisco the diagnostic system has been the key to detect, isolate and contain the pandemic."

He specified that the measure of the emergency button - which restricted night activities in this port - favored the decrease of 17 percent in active cases of Covid-19, and for a couple of weeks the figure has been reduced.
Puerto Vallarta is a leader in beach destinations in containing the pandemic with a 40 percent reduction in the number of cases from a few months to date.

Tourism service providers and the vast majority of the population respect preventive guidelines, and are well aware that having a healthy communityIt is also the best argument to invite travelers to visit this port next winter.

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