Mexicans Prefer Hotels For Their Vacations

August 11, 2023
Posted by: Adeprotur

According to the study "Travel trends 2023" carried out by the Kayak platform, more than 70% of Mexicans who plan national or international trips prefer to stay in hotels. The report collects search data for Mexicans between January 2019 and the first quarter of 2023.

The results show that, in the case of domestic trips, 74.3% of users sought to stay in a hotel. Only 10.8% preferred vacation rentals and 11.1% preferred resorts.

Lise Vives, senior country manager of Mexico for Kayak, commented that the percentage of search for resorts has to do with the amenities offered by all-inclusives in sun and sand tourist destinations such as Cancun.

For international destinations, the preference for hotels amounts to 76.1%. Vacation properties have a percentage of 9.6, resorts 7.5% and hostels capture 2.5% of the interest of Internet users.

Regarding the category of hotels searched, 44.5% of Mexicans prefer three-star hotels, followed by four-star hotels with 31.5%. Only 9.1% of the total searches correspond to five-star hotels.

"For the results of this report, it must be considered that we are only analyzing the search volume, reservations are not included in the study, but it gives us a broad picture of the interests of Mexicans when traveling," said Vives.

Through search results, Kayak estimates that for long vacation periods, such as summer and New Year's Eve, users start planning six to eight months in advance.

For short holiday periods, such as Easter, the most consistent searches are four months in advance.

"Mexico is a country with very marked travel dates, during the second semester of the year there are four of the dates with the most trips: summer, the long weekend for Independence, the long weekend for the Revolution and the end of the year," he concluded.