Americans want to travel between March and April to Puerto Vallarta

February 15, 2021
Posted by: Adeprotur

The global travel agency Expedia reported that it is detecting a rebound in North American searches for places to vacation, particularly for the beginning of spring . Data shows that American travelers are looking for warm climates and beaches, and Puerto Vallarta is among the destinations on their bucket list for a trip in March or April.

The natural attractions of Puerto Vallarta, its tropical climate, the combination of jungle and sea with a typical Mexican town in the center are elements that are not forgotten among frequent travelers to this destination, or that are wanted to know, for those who have had excellent references of the destination from family or friends.

In particular,  the report mentions the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa hotels and the Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta as the favorite VIP establishments of those surveyed.

The Expedia Annual Vacation Deprivation Study shows that travelers are truly motivated to pack up and get out of the house this year, and if it's in the first semester, the better.

Americans have begun to specifically plan a weekend or longer getaway to enjoy a tropical paradise , experience a long-postponed destination, reunite with family or friends separated by distance, or simply have time to rest, relax, and recharge. energies, which they would finally be doing next spring.

The 'Vacation Deprivation' study examines trends in work periods for adults around the world , to raise awareness of the many days left unused for vacation.

Vacation deprivation levels have grown, so this year the study found that 81 percent of the world's population not only value having more vacation days but plan to use them more than ever.

The results indicate that travelers are eager to take advantage of their earned vacation days and use it in life experiences ; it is undoubtedly, the report mentions, a reappreciation of the best benefit of working life: vacations.

The study's focus on travelers to the United States shows that the majority of respondents plan to take an extra work week - at least five days - on a vacation sometime in 2021.

So the list of destinations to visit is defined while the expectations of traveling for this year grow among thousands of travelers in the United States and globally.

Likewise, the continuous actions of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion and Advertising Trust generate confidence among travelers, by offering a healthy, safe and reliable destination where all preventive biosecurity measures are responsibly respected throughout the chain of service providers. tourist.

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