In Puerto Vallarta you can celebrate a spiritual wedding wixárika or have a "wedding with a cause"

February 17, 2021
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The spiritual union of two people is known in the Wixarika / Huichol community as “wirraritari” , at present it is already possible that in Puerto Vallarta a couple bond according to the tradition of this ancient culture . They are weddings characterized by their simplicity, symbolism and spirituality; the link can be on the seashore or in spaces where nature is the main guest.

In Puerto Vallarta, wedding planners can guide couples with professionalism towards the marriage of their dreams, and if they want to know alternative marriage options, the Wixarika tradition of Jalisco is, without a doubt, the most authentic.
To carry out the wirraritari ceremony, the bride and groom must be dressed in Huichol clothing, that is, a white blanket embroidered with flowers, deer, and stars ; men wear palm hats with feather or tree seed ornaments, women can wear white blanket or linen dresses.
The ceremony begins by holding an offering with 5-colored corn, later the marakame (priest) performs a clean with copal, eagle and falcon feathers accompanied by holy water while giving them advice for their life as a couple , mentioning that -of According to the tradition of their communities - the man must take charge of fetching the firewood (that is, work) and the woman must cook (take care of him).
Spiritually cleansed, the newlyweds join hands and hug each other, feed each other, drink tejuino (a drink made from fermented corn) and lie down on a mat.
Now that they are a wirrárrika (Huichol man) and a wirrákita ukari (Huichol woman), dances are performed to the rhythm of the tepo , a wooden drum with deer skin and the singer proclaims in chorus that they will be together forever, which gives start to the celebration with the guests.


It should be noted that Jalisco has the largest Wixarika population and the four main communities of this original town. 
The Huichol territory is organized around the five most important communities: Tuxpan de Bolaños, San Sebastián Teponahuastla, Santa Catarina Coexcomatitlán, San Andrés Cohamiata and Guadalupe Ocotán, the first four are in Jalisco.
Within the Wixarika culture, sacred places are the fundamental pillar of its worldview , it is important to mention that Jalisco is the Te'akata, the center of the universe of the Huichol culture.
In addition to this, Puerto Vallarta offers a wide range of Huichol art in many of its many galleries where it is possible to find beautiful pieces made with beads, yarn, wood and some other materials, which in addition to their beautiful appearance, represent deep aspects of the worldview. of the main ethnic group of Jalisco.


Another proposal that is gaining more and more followers is that of "weddings with a cause", which aim to make a social difference , based on love, generosity and solidarity, in Puerto Vallarta there are many associations that would be happy to receive support of the loving couples who come here to join. 

The objective is to motivate couples to join this project, they themselves choose the cause , in this way the love they feel for each other transcends to support those who have not had the same luck. 

The idea has fallen in love with many couples about to marry; The first thing is to generate a catalog of foundations and initiatives that you would like to support. 

The goal of "weddings with a cause" is that not only couples make donations, but providers who participate in each celebration join in the help , even wedding attendees can make their contribution as well.  

If we have learned something, it is that to be well individually it is also necessary to be well collectively. For this reason, couples who perform weddings for a cause live the experience of their union in a more emotional way , with much gratitude and a different perspective when recognizing how blessed they are for the simple fact of being able to celebrate a wedding.

In Puerto Vallarta there is a very professional group of wedding planners now associated to strengthen themselves, with years of recognized experience in companies that offer tailor-made weddings and the tastes of the spouses and their guests , from traditional ceremonies, with ethnic touches or very cosmopolitan, sustainable , with a cause and even with unique adventures under the sea or in the middle of the jungle.

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