We propose nine circuits to experience nature in Puerto Vallarta

February 05, 2021
Posted by: Adeprotur

In Puerto Vallarta nature surrounds you. Whether you arrive by road or by air, you will immediately realize that you are entering an exuberant jungle area , marked, to the east by the Sierra Madre Occidente and to the west by the Pacific Ocean, which opens a lot of possibilities for discover the secrets of these natural wonders.
The greatest difficulty that you can find here is to choose between the wide variety of options that Puerto Vallarta offers you to carry out activities in contact with the privileged natural environment . From dawn until you enjoy one of the fabulous sunsets that characterize this destination, you can fully enjoy nature in the green jewel of the Mexican Pacific.
Here are nine magical tourist routes that you should not miss on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta:

By land, hiking

1.-Colomitos Beach, to get here you can board a boat in Boca de Tomatlán or choose the fun route, by land. This 650-meter walk will allow you to go along the beach and then climb an area of ​​jungle cliffs with beautiful views of the mountains and the sea.
Recognized as the smallest beach in Mexico, the size of this mini bay is inversely proportional to its beauty . The Pacific in this corner acquires captivating green and blue tints, the sand is fine, and the large rocks that frame it give it a splendid wild air.
2.-Cerro de La Cruz. This viewpoint in the heart of Puerto Vallarta will allow you to observe a splendid panoramic view of the entire city . The climb is a good athletic challenge, since it involves ascending several steep streets, up to a series of stairs that will take you to the top of one of the many hills that surround this part of the port.
If you are in good condition you can try running, the view of the port from this summit will be the best of the rewards.
3.-Palo María Waterfalls, in Puerto Vallarta there are numerous rivers and waterfalls that you can discover. As a sample, we suggest you start your walk a few kilometers north of Mismaloya.
These are a series of waterfalls that shine in all their splendor in the rainy seasonIf you like adventure, this is an ideal place to walk among trees and large rocks on the river bank.

Rolling by bicycle

4.-The city center, if you love cycling and pedaling, in Puerto Vallarta you will find options to rent a bicycle and ride through its streets to have another vision of the port.
The center, the boardwalk and its surrounding neighborhoods can offer you a very interesting tour. You can start touring the boardwalk, which is a great viewpoint of the Pacific Ocean, then ride to the El cerro or Gringo Gulch neighborhood to admire incredible views with the combination of mountains, town and sea; In the afternoon you can arrive in the Olas Altas area and take advantage of its vibrant offer of cafes and bars while enjoying the sunset in front of the Los Muertos beach pier.
5.-Ejido El Jorullo, outside the urban area, this ejido preserves in the best way an extensive natural area since they were integrated into the mountains to offer different ecotourism activities.
By land you can drive an all-terrain ATV to enter the mountains of Puerto Vallarta, cross the longest suspension bridge in the world and discover its greatness as well as the perfect views of the Sierra and take a bath in the “El Salto” waterfall.
6.-La Bufa in San Sebastián (one hour from Puerto Vallarta). If you are in good condition, you could visit the Magical Town of San Sebastián del Oeste and from there pedal towards the viewpoint of Cerro de la Bufa, and then start the ascent to a splendid observation point, where you will breathe fresh air in the middle of the forest, and on clear days you can even look at the silhouette of the bay.

By sea, by boat

7.-Quimixto, if you love hiking, you can get there by walking the same route that takes you to Colomitos, Las Ánimas and many other beautiful southern beaches. Or you can board a boat in Boca de Tomatlán and reserve your energy for the 5-kilometer walk to the waterfalls area of ​​this paradisiacal town.
8.-Yelapa. This picturesque and boho-chic town on the southern tip of the Bay of Banderas offers you a great beach, a river, waterfalls and jungle in harmony with a wide range of ecotourism activities, you can even go paragliding. Without a doubt, a magical corner that will captivate you with its fine sand and that warm atmosphere of a tropical jungle.
9.-Majahuitas. A beautiful beach in the south of the Bay of Banderas where you can rest, swim and spend a great day of beach activities. An extra attraction is its new beach club, which offers you well-planned areas for your rest, to taste a cocktail and to appreciate the pleasures of life.

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