Learn more about the timeshare industry in Mexico

April 14, 2022
Posted by: Adeprotur

Currently, there are several types of Timeshare programs that allow clients to choose the type of vacation ownership that best suits them or meets their needs.

Timeshare is a term that describes the exclusive use of hosting for a particular number of days each year. Generally, it is sold by the week, also known as Interval or Vacation Property.

Remember that Timeshares consist of developments, where a specific property is shared by separate owners, during assigned vacation periods, with competitive rates.

Buying a Timeshare Interval has several legal forms:

One of the advantages that this service has is that there are more than one modality, and you can choose according your necessities.

  • Fixed unit and week: You receive a deed that allows you to use a specific condominium in a fixed week each year forever; just like buying a house. You can rent, sell, resell and exchange the time own.
  • Right to use: The property of the developer is maintained by the developer. You obtain the right to use the condominium in one or more developments during a specific time. When the time finishes, the rights go back to the developer. This plan works as a club membership.
  • Vacation clubs or points program: They offer a higher flexibility of usage in different dates. As a member, you buy a package of points to use them as a “coin” and access to different types of suites, seasons, or number of days. The quantity of points required varies depending the demand, type of unit, season, location and amenities. A Vacation Club can offer contracts of rights of usage for perpetuity.
  • Fractional property: It allows you to buy a higher quantity of weeks for a lower cost.
  • Unities with lock-off or lock-out: They offer the option of only using a portion of the unity on one date and the rest in another.

The intervals of vacation periods of this service are sold as a fixed time or as floating time:

  • Fixed time: The unit is used during a specific week for each one of the owners.
  • Floating time: The usage is done in the week you choose without being forced to do it in a specific week. You have to reserve with anticipation since there could be no availability.
  • Divided week: It allows dividing the interval in two or three separated visits in two different times in the year. In this option it's also needed to make a reservation to guarantee availability. They are very useful for weekend getaways or short vacations.
  • Biannual property: You can use this property one time every two years.

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