Come to Puerto Vallarta for Restaurant Week!

May 17, 2022
Posted by: Adeprotur

Well-known restaurants in Puerto Vallarta celebrate the 18th edition of Restaurant Week.

35 restaurants in this tourist destination will offer exquisite dishes at special prices.

After two years, this festival of food returns to its usual dates from May 15 to June 10.

On Sunday, May 15, the 18th edition of Restaurant Week began. A culinary festival with a long tradition in Puerto Vallarta, where exquisite dishes are tasted at special prices, in the 35 restaurants of the destination that participate in this promotional festival that will last until June 10, 2022.

It has been 18 years that this culinary event has proven to be the meeting point between talented foreign and local chefs, who are in charge of captivating the palates of the attendees who meet at the different restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

This edition is very special for all the organizers and regular guests of this gastronomic event because, after two years, it has returned to its original dates of May 15 to June 10, a traditional season for those who have made it their favorite culinary festival.

The list of participating restaurants in Puerto Vallarta offers a general outline of the wide variety of cuisine that the destination has for all visitors and locals, where cuisine such as traditional Mexican, fusion, and specialties such as Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese among many others.

The restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that will participate in the event are the following:

Abbraccio Cucina Italiana, Archie’s Wok, Azafrán Restaurant, Barcelona Tapas, Basilio Comer & Beber, Blanca Blue, Bocados Steak House, Bravos Restaurant, Café des Artistes, Casa 449 Comedor Contemporáneo, Di Vino Dante, Eclécticos Restaurant & Bar, Eugenia, Hacienda San Ángel Gourmet, Joe Jack’s Fish Shack, Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant, La Cigale French Bistro, Le Kliff, Makal, Opa Greek Bistro, Serrano’s Meat House, Siam Cocina Thai, Sonora House, The Iguana Restaurant & Tequila Bar, The Swedes Bar & Bistro, Trattoria Di Nuovo, Trio Restaurant, Vitea Oceanfront Bistro, DAO Contemporary Chinese Cuisine, Hiroshi Japanese Cuisine, La Tienda Grande, Los Toneles Vallarta, NOI Ristorante Italiano, Oyster Grill, Serrano’s Grill and Vivero Wine Bar.

“We have a lot to celebrate. In addition to celebrating 18 years of history that reflects the success of the event, we are also back with our traditional dates, that is, from May 15 to June 10, 2022. Restaurant Week is one of the few events that took place during 2020 and 2021, two of the most complicated years in recent history. We were there to support the economic reactivation of the restaurant industry,” said Jorge Chávez, executive director of Restaurant Week.

For his part, Luis Villaseñor, Director of the Trust for the Promotion and Tourist Advertising of Puerto Vallarta, highlighted that this important tourist destination has positioned itself "as one of the most important meccas of good food at the national level thanks to the extensive and varied cuisine offered in the city, which is also exposed with this event that has become a great tradition for the region, in which visitors and locals await this date to taste exquisite dishes with special prices”.

Just last year, Puerto Vallarta received recognition as "Best Culinary Destination in Mexico" by the Travvy Awards or also known as the "Academy Awards" of the tourism industry. Since the winners are selected by great experts such as travel agents, who chose this city, an important tourist destination in the Mexican Pacific as the winner.

Puerto Vallarta continues to position itself as one of the leading beach tourist destinations in culinary diversity, as well as the city that offers the best culinary experiences, with first-rate events such as Restaurant Week that pamper the palate of the most ambitious audience.