Puerto Vallarta, a Paradise for Living a Natural Life

June 15, 2022
Posted by: Adeprotur

The green pearl of the Mexican Pacific has become the perfect destination for travelers who want to live experiences of well-being and disconnection.

Visitors will enjoy meditations, temazcales, yoga, functional training, and holistic therapies, among other wellness activities.

Puerto Vallarta is considered the quintessential tourist destination for wellness activities, as its perfect location between the sea and the mountains offers travelers a warm environment to unwind and seek comprehensive well-being.

In this post-pandemic era, travelers are beginning to look for new proposals that provide a balance between body and mind in destinations that preserve their natural essence, such as Puerto Vallarta. This tourist destination has a wide range of activities and events of great exclusivity and well-being that meet the needs of all visitors who come to this important destination.

The demand for spa and yoga sessions, temazcales, and meditations, as well as restaurants that offer plant-based food, has seen a significant increase. Puerto Vallarta has the most extensive wellness travel options nationwide; From north to south, it has different activities and places to spend time disconnected and exclusively surrounded by exuberant nature, although there are also spaces immersed in luxury and glamour.

Within the extensive range of events, Puerto Vallarta will host another edition of "Transitional Parallels", an experience that will take place from June 16 to 19. The event promises to offer a process of evolutionary learning and internal transformation, against the backdrop of the impressive natural settings of the south of the region.

“Puerto Vallarta is an important destination that is increasingly open to activities dedicated to the health and well-being of the population; Thus, it offers new options for travelers and locals who are looking for an integral balance”, highlighted Sergio Montes, specializing coach of “Transitory Parallels”, who also highlighted that the “hospitality, warmth and great beauty of beaches and mountains, make this destination the spot perfect for any meeting that generates awareness and respect”.

During this meeting, attendees will achieve a balance through various activities such as functional training; They will participate in moonlight meditations, group temazcal sessions, and conscious plant-based eating, as a sign of respect for animals, among other actions, which can be found at the following link:

https://visitapuertovallarta.com .mx/eventos/paralelos-transitorio

In addition, from June 14 to 16 there will also be activities prior to this event, such as lunar cycle meditation, Qi Gong on the beach, a 10 km race, a functional circuit on the beach, and hiking in natural areas.

These events are part of endless options that the green pearl of the Mexican Pacific offers to the public. Without a doubt, Puerto Vallarta is more than sun and beach.

Come and enjoy the tourist offer of this magical destination!