October 04, 2022
Posted by: Adeprotur


The Public Trust for the Promotion and Tourist Advertising of Puerto Vallarta continues with its constant promotional activities successfully in national and international markets, this time being the city of San Francisco in the United States during the Asta Global Convention, where they promoted the many attractions of the city to wholesalers and travel agents with the aim of encouraging sales for the upcoming holiday seasons.

During the event, held in the “Golden City”, Puerto Vallarta managed to train more than 1,200 travel specialists in a trade show-conference format, giving exposure to this destination as an important tourist city.

In this meeting, considered one of the most important events in the travel agency industry and organized by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the participation of specialists from all over the United States was present, which shows the great importance of this event, and its influence on one of the most important natural markets for Puerto Vallarta.

This city has proven to be one of the favorite tourist destinations for Americans, proven once again during this event. The conference had the objective of encouraging sales during the coming fall-winter seasons, as well as important celebrations such as Thanksgiving, and New Year's Eve, among others; positioning Puerto Vallarta over the years among the popular tourist destinations in Mexico.

During the days of tradeshows, the Puerto Vallarta Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity shared with the agencies the news of the destination, such as the expansion of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, the varied offer of attractions such as the show Alma-Ritmos de la Nights by Vallarta Adventures, attractions such as the longest suspension vehicle bridge in the world on the Jorullo de Canopy River, the release of turtles and whale watching, as well as the different events that the city will experience such as the Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomic, International Gourmet Festival, Day of the Dead Festival, UTMB World Series, International Fishing Tournament, among others.

Likewise, Puerto Vallarta was highlighted as the destination with the largest offering of hotels, the diversity of its restaurants with more than 30 cuisines to explore, wellness and rest experiences, its sustainable impact, as well as its position as the mecca of entertainment on the beach with the different theaters and cabarets; thus inviting visitors to live pleasant gastronomic, cultural and traditional experiences in the port.

It is important to mention that travel agencies and hotels report an increase in their sales both in the short term for weekend getaways, as well as for the upcoming winter season.

As of August, the arrival of international passengers to the destination has already been exceeded, with more than 1 million 200 thousand travelers, so the expectations for the end of the year are excellent.

The United States is the main source of tourists to our city, connectivity during the high-winter season can exceed 1,100 monthly flights from the main hubs throughout the country, having direct flights with the airlines: American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier, Jetblue, Southwest, Spirit, United Airlines and Sun Country, connecting to 23 US cities.

It is important to remember that Puerto Vallarta has positioned itself over the years in the top 3 international destinations with the best global flight purchasing dynamics.

Puerto Vallarta continues to renew itself, and it is doing so through these face-to-face promotion sessions, as well as online training through PV PRO, among other actions, that this important city continues to position itself as the favorite destination among the most outstanding wholesalers and agents of trips, to promote the arrival of more visitors to the green pearl of the Mexican Pacific.