Everything you should know about weddings in Puerto Vallarta

March 04, 2023
Posted by: Adeprotur

Destination weddings in Mexico have gained particular relevance and popularity in recent years.
Weddings in top beach destinations such as Puerto Vallarta are a very attractive and convenient option for couples since they can be easier to organize with the collaboration of a wedding planner or professional wedding planner.

Having a destination wedding also allows you to travel with your most special guests to paradisiacal locations such as Puerto Vallarta, while saving time, money, and, above all, energy; hotels and resorts often offer special packages and rates for beach weddings.

Take into account the following recommendations if you choose to have a spectacular wedding in Puerto Vallarta.
The best season for weddings in Puerto Vallarta

The months of November to May are, without a doubt, the best season to organize your dream wedding in Puerto Vallarta. During this period the weather tends to be cooler and sunny with an average temperature between 22ºC and 28ºC. Humidity also decreases considerably after the rainy season.

Please note that the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta runs from June to October. Although afternoon and evening showers are refreshing to mitigate the high temperatures, they can become a headache when it comes to weddings on the beach or outdoors.

Wedding Planners of Excellence in Puerto Vallarta

Hiring the services of a certified wedding planner or wedding planner is vital when planning your wedding in Puerto Vallarta. Think about it: putting yourself in the hands of a professional for that special day will save you more stress, save you money, and give you more time for you and your special guests.

These are 3 wedding planners of excellence in Puerto Vallarta; take note:

The Dazzling Details.

With multiple awards under her belt, Kristin Crawford has been making dream weddings in Puerto Vallarta a reality for over a decade. With personalized attention and impeccable attention to detail, The Dazzling Details offers a wide variety of services; from planning the entire wedding to coordinating just the ceremony.

Olalinda Weddings & Events.

An all-female company. For over 11 years, Leslie Frausto and her great team have specialized in planning, designing, and coordinating stunning weddings inspired by the wishes of each of their clients. They choose only the most reliable and qualified vendors. Their services include the organization of corporate events.

Vallarta Weddings.

One of the pioneer companies in the organization of weddings in Puerto Vallarta. With more than 20 years of experience, their professional planning team can advise and guide you in every stage of your wedding; from choosing the best location to coordinating 100% local suppliers.

Looking for more options? Check out our directory of wedding planners, certified wedding planners, and other wedding services in Puerto Vallarta.
Dream wedding locations in Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta you will find countless enchanting places to say "I do"; from luxurious beachfront resorts to cozy hacienda-style boutique hotels.


Here are some dream locations for your wedding in Puerto Vallarta:

Casa Velas

This prestigious boutique hotel is, without a doubt, a favorite for weddings, receptions, and all kinds of ceremonies. Located in Marina Vallarta, very close to the international airport, Casa Velas will make you fall in love with its beautiful gardens, elegant event hall, and one of the best beach clubs in Puerto Vallarta.

Hacienda San Angel

The charm of this award-winning boutique hotel is hardly surpassed by the panoramic views of the bay it offers from its location in the heart of Puerto Vallarta's Historic Downtown. Hacienda San Angel offers an intimate, romantic, and very traditional ambiance in every corner.

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa

This luxurious resort in the south of Puerto Vallarta offers an always attentive service as well as a wide variety of special locations for weddings; from ceremonies in front of the sea to receptions in its ample gardens. This is why Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa has positioned itself as one of the favorite resorts for destination weddings in Puerto Vallarta.

Vallarta Botanical Garden

If you are looking for a unique and special location for your wedding in Puerto Vallarta, the Botanical Garden is a recommended option. With multiple awards and distinctions, this beautiful natural space has a variety of amenities and special services for unforgettable weddings, including the small chapel of Our Lady of the Garden.

Ideas for bachelorette parties in Puerto Vallarta

You finally decided to take that big step to consolidate your love story. The next step is to get ready for your dream wedding and say "I do". Before the big day, however, you must set aside time for yourself and begin to close the cycle of bachelorhood.

Invite only your closest circle of friends and take note of some ideas for your bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta:

Beach day.

Escape to one of the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta. All of them are suitable for swimming and, depending on the one you choose, you will be able to enjoy a variety of activities for all tastes and lifestyles. With a natural tan you will look even more fabulous on your wedding day, don't you think?

Spa day.

Admit it: even with the assistance of a professional wedding planner, planning your wedding can be a stressful task. It's essential to set aside at least one day to focus only on what's most important: your well-being. If you need help choosing a beauty and wellness center, check out our directory of spas in Puerto Vallarta.

Extreme adventures.

From the sea to the mountains, in Puerto Vallarta you will find countless tours and outdoor activities; from scuba diving and mountain biking to zip-lining and skydiving for the most intrepid brides. Spa day for me?

Sunset Cruise.

It's no secret that sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are simply magical. Imagine the cool sea breeze aboard a luxury yacht while you contemplate the last rays of sunlight painting the sky with colors. Most of these tours also offer snacks, an open bar, and personalized service.


In Puerto Vallarta, the fun continues when the sun goes down. Exclusive beach clubs, bars, and discotheques are some of the numerous options to continue the party among friends. Take into account that some nightclubs have VIP areas that you can reserve for an even more private bachelorette party.

Ideas for honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta

Your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta can be extended for a few more days and, after the big wedding ceremony, culminate unforgettably with a romantic honeymoon. After all, you are already in paradise, aren't you?

Here are some brief ideas for your honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta:

Romantic dinners.

Puerto Vallarta is the gastronomic capital of Mexico. From cozy bistros to elegant restaurants overlooking the sea, there is a wide variety of options for an intimate evening for two; check here our suggestions of the romantic restaurants that are on everyone's lips.

Cultural experiences.

In Puerto Vallarta, you will find more than 50 art galleries spread between Downtown, the Romantic Zone, and Marina Vallarta, live music and shows at Los Arcos del Malecon, and a vibrant gastronomic and cultural scene.

One-day getaways. Your honeymoon can't be complete without a day getaway to charming towns very close to Puerto Vallarta such as Mascota and El Tuito or Magical Towns nestled in the highlands such as San Sebastian del Oeste.

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