July 12, 2023
Posted by: Adeprotur

Great Place to Work in Mexico has once again recognized Grupo Vidanta – a leading developer in the tourism and entertainment industry in Latin America – as one of the best companies to work for in our country.

This recognition is possible thanks to the satisfaction of the team members, who through surveys and the evaluation of their opinions, rate the work environment within the company.

Why work for a tourism industry leader like Grupo Vidanta?

Grupo Vidanta's main promise to its customers is to inspire generations of happiness by creating extraordinary experiences. This can only be achieved if the service-providing employees are satisfied. Therefore, the proudly Mexican company goes above and beyond in creating secure work environments that prioritize respect, emotional well-being, as well as professional development, inclusion, and work-life balance.

Grupo Vidanta has established itself as a prominent job creator and a reference in the hotel industry, thanks to its vision of creating a professional environment that attracts the best talent. This talent receives tools and opportunities for professional, personal, and economic growth based on their skills, interests, and experiences. According to Manuel Becerra, Corporate Director of Human Resources at Grupo Vidanta, the search for diverse profiles and the effective management of 17,000 employees located in different destinations across Mexico is an everyday task. To successfully achieve this, the company has developed programs, initiatives, and strategies that validate its position as one of the best companies to work for.

Such programs include:

  • Opportunity to start a professional career, even without experience in the sector, as Grupo Vidanta offers continuous training programs. A good example is the well-known Hotel Simulator, where employees learn in a safe environment that provides them with the confidence to develop new skills.
  • Career development through personalized training plans and constant opportunities for professional growth. As an example, 60% of Grupo Vidanta's middle management emerges from an internal career plan.
  • Competitive salary offerings and compensation models are above industry standards, coupled with the fact that each employee is considered a direct part of the Vidanta family, meaning no outsourcing.
  • A focus on the value proposition and employee benefits, providing facilities such as insurance, supervised dining facilities with a nutrition and chef team, climate-controlled transportation, gym facilities, mental health care, and school scholarships to subsidize children's primary, secondary, and high school education, among others.
  • Comprehensive recognition programs that reward contributions and excellent performance.
  • Belonging to a diverse team that promotes equality. Furthermore, female talent is encouraged, leading to Grupo Vidanta being recognized in the ranking of the Best Places to Work for Women in Mexico.
  • A culture of respect for employees, the environment, and the country in general.
  • Active listening, providing each of the 17,000 employees the opportunity to contribute ideas. Around 50 to 80 suggestions and comments are received in a week, all of which receive attention.

Experiencing uniqueness as a company that is revolutionizing the way people vacation and a leading reference in the hotel, entertainment, golf, and construction industry in Mexico, Grupo Vidanta adds value to every position.

What profiles is Grupo Vidanta looking for in candidates?

Grupo Vidanta welcomes all talent that shares its mission and values. It selects individuals with the best service-oriented attitude, capable of helping and making others happy, who are team players, and uphold an unwavering value of respect. While Grupo Vidanta is a hotel and entertainment company, it is constantly seeking a wide range of profiles, from recent graduates, operational roles, housekeepers, chefs, waitstaff, and security personnel, to corporate roles focused on sales, marketing, finance, legal, among others. To explore career opportunities at Grupo Vidanta, visit the careers section at or through the LinkedIn profile.

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