Unforgettable nights in Puerto Vallarta with endless entertainment

January 08, 2024
Posted by: Adeprotur

The green pearl of the Mexican Pacific stands out for its variety of entertainment, arts, festive atmosphere and creativity in its tourism industry.

Puerto Vallarta is a dream come true. A place with beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, warm and friendly people and an entertainment option for every visitor. From dazzling musicals to captivating theater and dance shows.

What kind of shows can you enjoy in Puerto Vallarta? Below, you can discover the most spectacular activities that this city has to offer:

Vallarta Adventures Rhythms of the Night: This amazing show is an experience that combines acrobatic skills and cultural dances in an incredible natural amphitheater, located in the heart of the tropical jungle. The show by the name of “Alma” presents a powerful story about the persistence of the human spirit using colorful images, music, dance and movement, all after a delicious candlelight dinner.

Pirate Show on the Marigalante: This exciting ship is 100 percent made out of wood and is the exact replica of one of Christopher Columbus' ships. It offers a show under the starry sky off of the majestic Puerto Vallarta boardwalk, performed by pirates and mermaids, full of adventure, acrobatics, music, pyrotechnics, dances and special effects to make you feel like you are on a trip with real pirates. It also has a show during the day where children can participate in the treasure hunt and other fun beach activities.

Canopy River Mountain Party: An experience created with the purpose of publicizing the traditions and customs of the state of Jalisco. Starting with the folklore of the charrerías, rodeo, live mariachi, dancing horse show, demonstration of cultural dances and more. A unique, natural setting in the middle of the mountains in a true and authentic Mexican style.

ACT II Entertainment: Is a 5-star entertainment venue that presents three to five shows every night, which can be musicals, tribute bands, comedy, concerts, drag shows, etc. It offers excellent seasonal programs that change constantly. Plus it has a starlight cabaret stage, an interesting concept that has proven to be an attractive option over the years.

The Palm Cabaret: For more than 20 years, this venue has provided outstanding performance shows, presenting national and international artists. These shows range from live comedy, music, live theater to super fun drag shows. A perfect place to relax in a cabaret atmosphere.

Puerto Vallarta is characterized by being an à la carte destination, offering international cuisine, nature, outdoor activities and an exceptional entertainment offering, making it the perfect place to live your wildest dreams.

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