Vallarta • Nayarit


Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit converge in lush Banderas Bay, one of the world's largest natural bays. Although physically these two locations are divided by the Ameca River which acts as a natural border between Jalisco and Nayarit, they complement each other to the benefit of the thousands of visitors each year who come to this newly unified place called Vallarta • Nayarit.

Timeshare in Mexico

With all its amenities and attractions, our destination has actively contributed to the influx of tourists to Mexico, making it one of the top ten most visited countries in the world according to the World Tourism Organization.

The vacation club industry is a fundamental part of tourism, ranking in third position for foreign exchange earnings in the country (behind only oil and remittances). For example, Mexico welcomes the largest number of visitors in Latin America with 45% of tourists preferring to visit our country.

Adeprotur in Vallarta • Nayarit

Since its inception, Adeprotur has added to the effort to boost tourism in this region of the Mexican Pacific through various actions that have been reflected directly or indirectly in the community, causing a positive and significant impact not matched by traditional hotels.

The numbers* support us: The average annual occupancy in hotels is 60% compared to 73% annual occupancy in vacation clubs. Timeshare sales total 20,000 weeks equalling $291 million dollars. It totals 945,000 tourists whose staying average is 5.7 nights spending $1,756 USD each night.

The Timeshare industry's projections for Vallarta • Nayarit for the next 5 years are very encouraging. For example, we estimate a $1.3 billion USD investment in order to increase by 35% the number of units available (currently we have 12,389 but we aim to get to 16,707 high quality unities by 2019).

This means that there will be 149,683 new memberships available that will bring more than 523,890 new tourists in addition to the current levels. If everything goes as planned, by 2028 our industry will generate 2,340,327 new tourist visits.

As part of Adeprotur's commitment to the local community, in 2011 Adeprotur donated 4 vehicles to Puerto Vallarta's City Hall's Department of Regulations to increase their scope.

Visit our blog and find statistics or other information about how Adeprotur supports the community.

*2013 statistics for the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit region.

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